Presented by Peter Goldman and Geoffrey Montague-Smith DO.

These days are offered as a broad foundation of the Spiritual Psychotherapeutic approach. They can be taken together or chosen individually. Overall they lead on to more in depth studies.

Peter is an internationally recognised trainer in the field of spiritual psycho-therapeutics and bio-energetic medicine using light, colour and sound. He has also been a teacher and mentor to Geoffrey Montague-Smith for over 20 years, and together they have put together this weekend workshop available to everyone.

The workshop experience will include the balancing of subtle and physical energies, working with intuition, meditation, approaches to healing and an insight into possible meanings of our life’s journey. Throughout the workshop the skills and beliefs of the student will be respected.

Peter’s approach to teaching involves philosophical ideas and their expression and experience in practice. All questions and problems that participants bring will be explored and worked with during the workshop.

“We are all gifted in ways that are radiant through whatever ways our lives unfold. This is a weekend to work with the expanding of horizons, the deepening of awareness and supporting integration of the fullness of yourself.” – Peter Goldman

Saturday 12 March – Foundation Experience

The day will include aligning the Bio-Magnetic Field, balancing and re-energising the Chakra System, working with the Spine and the Organs, experiencing space and centring and intuitive attunement through the five senses. We will look into the safe expansion of consciousness and its levels of containment.

Saturday 18 June – Intuitive Counselling

We will look into the different levels of consciousness and its practical application in gaining insight into the psyche. Each life follows archetypal cycles of growth and development that is relevant to the period of life we are passing through. There are many challenges in todays world through stress, drugs and life choices. Insight into personality and character can be approached through the inner meaning of numbers using the date of birth – we will offer an introduction and also work with intuitive insight through the five senses.

Saturday October 15th – Self Work and the Opportunity of Advent

The weeks of advent offer an opportunity to review, clear and heal the past year through the different levels of the material and subtle bodies. Through the theme of Self-Work, there will be much to investigate and appreciate. This is an experience of transformation and preparation for the changing of the year and the new seasons to come.

Saturday December 10 – Meditation and Renewal

We will work with a variety of ways to cleanse, clear, renew and re-energise the chakra system, the levels of consciousness and the states and stages of being.
It is an occasion to review and share the spiritual psychotherapeutic experiences of the year bringing together philosophy and practice.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Venue: The Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK
Price: £35.00 per day or book all 4 and get one free £105

To book or for more information please call 01892 544783