“As an osteopath I found that many physical problems had underlying emotional or vibrational causes and that osteopathy alone wouldn’t achieve long lasting results. Geoff and Peter are great teachers; Geoff in particular delivered plenty of scientific research to assist with understanding the techniques. I can thoroughly recommend this course – tuning forks have added another successful therapy to my practice.”
– C. Bates – Osteopath

“In my practice, I find that some patterns present with deep chronic or traumatic underlying issues; which may be somatic in origin but also psychosomatic. These can be difficult to fully remove from the body, either taking lots of time or having to be delicately approached. Since learning how to integrate tuning forks into my practice I have found they add an extra dimension to my treatments enabling me to tackle these issues without being invasive and with more efficiency. I have also found them effective with removing birthing traumas in babies. Peter and Geoff were fantastic teachers, giving clear research and advice, in a friendly approachable manner. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their treatment benefits to a wider range of patients”
– N Fellows – Osteopath

“This course has been invaluable in providing a secondary skill to work perfectly alongside structural osteopathy. It has helped to assist diagnosis and find additional areas for treatment in many patients. In particular I have found that patients last longer in between their treatments when I use sound to aid their recovery. Watching Geoff incorporate it into daily practice inspired me to do the same as it is easy, requires minimal time and patients really do seem to enjoy the extra holistic aspect to their treatment! The course was thoroughly enjoyable and I would highly recommend it.”
– V Jones – Osteopath