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The healing power of sound has been recognised for thousands of years and has been used in ancient and modern day medicine. The Harmonic Sound method of using musical tuning forks on and off the body offers the modern day practitioner an effective diagnostic and therapeutic technique which is safe, gentle and non-invasive.
This time tested, pioneering system of sound work is easy to learn and incorporate into your clinic alongside conventional osteopathic techniques.

Course Content

Energetic medicine using the vibration of simple harmonic sound aims to facilitate the effectiveness of other therapies, reduce recovery time and support in the integration of the healing processes. It is especially helpful in clearing the residual effects of trauma and with conditions whose recovery is inconsistent.

The basic tools used are an Aluminium C 256Hz, G 384Hz and a High C 4096 Hz. The perfect fifth of C and G represent the principles of Yin and Yang. The High C provides a diagnostic echo or feedback of dissonance or resonance over the body.

A nickel plated steel diatonic octave set of 7 forks rising from the C 256Hz relates directly through its own seven tones to the primary spectrum of 7 monochromatic colours. To these are added an Aluminium C 128Hz which works with bone resonance and an Om Tuner 136.1Hz which is a universal balancing tone.

Working with specific musical tuning forks adds another dimension to diagnosis, it contributes through specific tones therapeutically and provides a useful post treatment check reference.

In this introduction training intensive we view the body as a hologram, an entry point into structures, systems and levels both material and more subtle. Clearing static from the biomagnetic fields and ‘awakening’ the skeletal structure, the main nerve plexi and endocrine centers is a foundation. It is a simple and rapid procedure. Circulation, muscle tension and mood respond to this.

Using the Aluminium C and G we work with the harmonic ‘still point’ at the ‘union’ of their frequencies. This is experienced through skeletal structures and articulations, organs, endocrine glands and nerve plexi as an anchoring of their basic resonant vibration. This opens the flow of energy and the information it carries specific to that area in relation the body as a whole.

Energetic release and flow is worked with through the brain, cranial structures, the spine and pelvis. This facilitates the effectiveness of whatever therapeutic work follows. Through the ‘sound echo’, there is a check or feedback on the receptivity of the body. Bone resonance is looked into more specifically especially in relation to fractures, developmental processes and chronic repetitive and degenerative conditions.

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Now in its 6th year, this course is a balanced mix of theory and practical work taught by trainers with 35 years combined experience in working therapeutically with sound. Your trainers are:

Peter Goldman D.O., N.D.
An internationally recognised trainer in the field of spiritual psycho-therapeutics and bio-energetic medicine using light, colour and sound

Geoffrey Montague-Smith D.O
Principle of the Atman Clinic in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, a large multi-disciplinary practice which clinically integrates leading edge concepts in bio-energetic medicine with standard Osteopathic practice.

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Dates and Times


The Healing Power of Sound – Foundation Course

Dates in 2016: 7th May, 21st May, 9th July

Intro: A three day practical and theoretical workshop
to explore the use of sound in healing.

Address: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Price: £330 for the three day course (this is a whole course and days cannot be booked separately)

To book or for more information please call 01892 544783


“As an osteopath I found that many physical problems had underlying emotional or vibrational causes and that osteopathy alone wouldn’t achieve long lasting results. Geoff and Peter are great teachers; Geoff in particular delivered plenty of scientific research to assist with understanding the techniques. I can thoroughly recommend this course – tuning forks have added another successful therapy to my practice.”

– C. Bates

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